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Everything You Need To Know!
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With the new update we thought we should answer questions we got frequently

1: Does the server have Voice Chat?

Yes! Check the Discord to see all the mods you need, plus some we recommend using.

2: How do I leave spawn?

We use Waystones. The one at spawn is inside the house on the bottom floor; You can use server waystones to TP around the map; these are immediately active. For Public or Private Waystones, you NEED to right-click them for them to activate, Keep in mind that the owner of a Private Waystone needs to add you to it for you to be able to use it!

Also The craftin for every waystone is on the second floor of the spawn house!

3: Proximity Voice Chat

We use VoiceChat-Fabric Link can be found in the discord Here. Or you can download it Here.

Keep in mind this is a fabric server so you will need Fabric Installer which is also on the discord or you can download it Here

you also need Fabric api for mods to work and that can be found on the discord or Here

4: Brand and Unbrand

Please /Bra or /Brand all of your stuff! It makes it easier for us to get it back for you if you lose it.

5: Where does everyone live?

For the most part, people are at Virgin Hills. It's also where pretty much all of the shops are.

6: Does the server have PVP?

Yes, you do "/pvp" to Enable or Disable your PVP; you can see if others have it on by doing /pvplist. Also, their names above their heads will be red.

7: VeinMiner

VeinMiner will mine 64 blocks at a time.

8: ShulkerPacks

You can right-click your shulker in your inventory to open it without placing it down.

9: Shopkeepers

Check this video for a detailed tutorial on them Here

10: Mcmmo

Mcmmo Abilities work on mobs only and not players, at least for the current time; the only ability that will affect your game and others is Acrobatics! the rest is just for competitive fun.

11: Graves

You get a maximum of 3 graves that last 24 hours after death; please collect them. Any items lost are permanently lost. If you have three active graves, your stuff falls like regular Vanilla and despawn after 5 mins.

12: Does it support Bedrock?

Yes! IP: Port: 19998

13: Dynmap

Yes, Dynmap is a thing. You can find it Here.

14: How do I change my ingame name color?

the command is/nick, to make it easier on how you want it and get a visual representation this website Here, after you copy it just paste it ingame the website automatically puts the/nick command for you.

Small Additions
Small Additions
MobHead:  Added

What are mob heads? 
Every mob from Friendly to Hostile have heads to drop , over 500 heads to collect!
Common heads are a 1% chance to drop!
Rare heads are a 0.1% chance to drop!
(Drop rates might change after testing)
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500 Village Idiots Giveaway
500 Village Idiots Giveaway
We decided to turn community settings on! with that keep in mind to be welcoming and nice to the new members who decide to join us :D
Also Please Visit 
For more information about this post !
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What You Need To Know About The Realistic Seasons Plugin
What You Need To Know About The Realistic Seasons Plugin
Info On The Realistic Seasons Plugin   Back at the end of June we had the community vote on if they wanted the plugin added. You know it is there by now (hopefully). For those who are newly joined would most likely have not clue what it is or...
5 minute read