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What You Need To Know About The Realistic Seasons Plugin
5 minute read

Info On The Realistic Seasons Plugin


Back at the end of June we had the community vote on if they wanted the plugin added. You know it is there by now (hopefully). For those who are newly joined would most likely have not clue what it is or what it adds. We would normally have you check out the "The Everything You Need To Know!" post on the website, however nothing about seasons was in the post... Opps.... Anyways that is what this post is for! 

       Spring starts on March 4th. 
       Leaves in forests will turn pink and water will have a slight light-blue tint.
       The sky has a light-blue color.
       Flowers can be found everywhere, the entire world will look like a flower forest.
       Snow and ice generated in winter will be removed.
       Lots of sheep, cows, pigs, rabbits and chickens will spawn each with 3-5 babies.

       Increased spawn rate of bee's
       Fireflies will spawn at night
Average temperature of 5°C-23°C, depending on the biome.             

The effects of spring are (like all seasons) different in each biome.
The jungle leaves in a jungle biome will keep their normal color for example.
Some biomes also don't get any flowers and only get some color changes.
The average temperature is different in each biome, a desert will obviously
be much warmer in spring than a frozen tundra.


Summer starts on June 4th.
Trees and grass in most biomes have a vibrant green color similar to jungle leaves.
Cold biomes (snowy plains, taiga etc) have the grass color of plains.
Hot biomes (desert, savanna) look a bit dry.
The color of the water and sky is light blue
Shooting stars
can be seen at night.
Fireflies will spawn at night. 
Flowers placed in spring are removed.
Leaves fall out of the trees. 
Patches of berry bushes spawn everywhere.
Rain is very rare.
Animals that normally spawn in the jungle can now spawn everywhere.
Crops/plants without a block somewhere
above them will grow 2x as fast.

Husks will spawn instead of zombies.
Average temperature will be between 25°C-40°C, depending on the biome.





                                                                                                                                                            Autumn  /  Fall 

Autumn/Fall starts on September 4.
    Trees turn into all kinds of colors: orange, blue, green, yellow and brown. 
    Grass has a light-brown muddy color.
    The sky has a grey color.
    Water is brown and looks muddy.
    Big patches of mushrooms appear.
    It will rain and storm very often.
    Bats spawn above ground at night.
    Mooshrooms and foxes appear everywhere.
    Extra spiders can be found at night.
    Mobs have a 20% chance to spawn with a pumpkin on their head.
    Berry bushes generated by summer are removed.
    Average temperature will be between 5°C-25°C (41F -13F), depending on the biome.

(Sorry, it will be under the photo for this one)
Winter starts on December 4. Leaves and grass have a light-grey tint.
The sky is a bit more white.  Water is dark blue
It snows instead of rain. The actual snow texture of vanilla Minecraft is used, not particles. Snow will be removed again after the season.
All water source blocks without a block somewhere above them will freeze over time. 
Wolves, white foxes, polar bears and snowmen (without pumpkin) can be found everywhere.
Strays will spawn instead of skeletons. 
There's a 20% chance every night that the sky will be filled with White Sparks.
Crops/plants will not grow if they don’t have a block (somewhere) above them. This forces players to build indoor farms if they want to grow crops in the winter.
Players will have to protect themselves against the cold temperatures.
Average temperature will be between -10°C-5°C (14F 41F), depending on the biome.

                        Commands You Will Want To Know

Command: /season

Displays the current season, date, days until next season, active events and air temperature to the user. This information can also be displayed using PlaceholderAPI on a scoreboard for example. 


Command: /toggleseasoncolors

Toggles the season colors (trees, grass, water, sky etc) for the player running the command only. Some users may have a resourcepack conflicting with the colors or they simply prefer playing without them. Players with season colors disabled will just see the normal vanilla biomes and all other players on the server will continue to see the season colors.


Command: /toggletemperature

Disables the temperature system for the player running the command only. Please note that this will also disable the consequences of having a bad temperature, giving the player a small advantage. Only give users access to this command if you do not care about this.


Command: /toggleseasonparticles

Disables all season particles for the player running the command only. Season particles look weird with some shaders and this toggle will solve the problem.


Command: /togglefahrenheit

Toggles the player's temperature between Fahrenheit and Celcius on the actionbar and on placeholders. This is a personal setting.

If you still have questions about this plugin feel free to ask an owner. 

꧁༒☬~ 𝓨𝓸𝓾𝓻 𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓵𝔂 𝓞𝔀𝓷𝓮𝓻𝓼 ~☬༒꧂

~ ᴬⁿᵈ ˢⁱⁿˢⁱᵗᵉʳ ~




Small Additions
Small Additions
MobHead:  Added

What are mob heads? 
Every mob from Friendly to Hostile have heads to drop , over 500 heads to collect!
Common heads are a 1% chance to drop!
Rare heads are a 0.1% chance to drop!
(Drop rates might change after testing)
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500 Village Idiots Giveaway
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