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Small Additions
2 minute read

MobHead:  Added

What are mob heads? 
Every mob from Friendly to Hostile have heads to drop , over 500 heads to collect!
Common heads are a 1% chance to drop!
Rare heads are a 0.1% chance to drop!
(Drop rates might change after testing)

TSG Dogs:  Added

What are TSG Dogs?
Your Dogs will get an auto generated name. (you can rename it with a nametag)
Dogs start at level 1 and can get up to level 10, their health and damage increases each level. (they are balanced don't worry)
Dogs have much better teleporting ability, they can come to you from a much further distance than usual. (If the dog looses you it will tell you in chat)

Vines Stop Growing: Added

How does this work?
While using sheers, Right click the plant you don't want growing.
In chat it will say;

(This wont grow now) - This Means the plant will not grow any more.
(This will grow now)  - This means the plant will grow.
(This has been unregistered) - This shouldn't happen.

Working on a new Crate ;) Polls coming soon to see who wants what skin in the crate !

TSG Fireworks: Added

How do these work? how do I get them?
There are 4 tiers (still undecided on the % of drop)

  • Cherry Bomb: 30 uses in one rocket
  • Novelty Fireworks: 70 uses in one rocket
  • Aerial Salute 100 uses in one rocket
  • Ring shell: 200 uses in one rocket


Enderchest extra space: Added 

What Does this do?
there are 3 extra levels to win for you Enderchest in the new upcoming crate!
It usually has 27 Slots.

  • Level 4 = 36 Slots!
  • Level 5 = 45 Slots!
  • Lever 6 = 54 Slots!


now you wont see a use for them, they come in with the new crate... or two. ;)

500 Village Idiots Giveaway
500 Village Idiots Giveaway
We decided to turn community settings on! with that keep in mind to be welcoming and nice to the new members who decide to join us :D
Also Please Visit 
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1 minute read
What You Need To Know About The Realistic Seasons Plugin
What You Need To Know About The Realistic Seasons Plugin
Info On The Realistic Seasons Plugin   Back at the end of June we had the community vote on if they wanted the plugin added. You know it is there by now (hopefully). For those who are newly joined would most likely have not clue what it is or...
5 minute read
Paintball Event
Paintball Event
    Hello Everyone!!! 

It its finally time for the next event!!! You all voted and the winner was........
      *        PAINTBALL!       *
We are really excited to make...
1 minute read