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SinistersGrin Admin Member
TeapotDC 3 months ago
Did you really find it necessary to push me beyond low, as I try to appologize for my mistakes, after I said sorry, I had to get absaloutely oblitirated by you and Ten for being an asshole, and you were right I was an asshole, but Ten not accepting my apology I can understand, but writing an essay about how much shit comes out of my mouth and how I am an asshole, then it's understandable why I am god damn mad, so when you have to talk for Ten to scold the shit out of me, thats damn hurtful, I cannot believe the audacity you have to take a giant dump on someone who is trying to apologize for their actions, have you ever heard the scenario where you were scolded for apologizing for talking bad about someone, or doing something bad. No of course not, you just had to think that I would need all this, as a fucking scar. And even you said "everyone of the owners thinks you are an asshole" that was a complete lie, I don't hear anyone else talk about how I am a piece of shit, you just had to make this about everyone hating me. Fuck you Sin, you make me feel like I am the lowest in the bunch, while you are in the top of #1 Asshole of 2022. Everyone talking about how you are a good person, I see now that you are the worst one so far that I have met. No need to respond, I am gonna be permamently leaving this hate filled server, blame yourself asshole. Big congrats to Sin for making me feel like shit! This is honestly the worst title to get, I thought Ten was a bad person for shitting on my apology, but he is actually nicer compared to you, he didn't continue, he knew when to fucking stop. Ten is a good person I see that, but you, even when Ten got more of the shit that I said, he could hold back. You are the fucking worst person I know 2x
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Something tells me i'm gonna regret this
1/16/23 ill need that if my gut is right.....
Anyways I genuinely hope you prove me wrong, Accepted.

Uchiha_Gh0st ban Appeal 21 days ago


KazOrKaz ban Appeal 21 days ago

Accepted, Please keep in mind we aren't oblivious, just play the game normally.

LoganPixle61's ban appeal 21 days ago

Accepted, Read the ticket.

NubThePro's ban appeal 21 days ago
"Reason For Ban: cheating specifically automine"

And Kill Aura, and multiple other cheats that Bariton uses..... its not just an auto miner we've been telling you that.
"I wanted to make a tunnel bore so i spent the a lot of the day getting resources"

you were not making tunnels you were mining for diamond only using Bariton....
"trying to make a tnt duper is probably against the rules

no we have no reason to make a rule against it, simply won't work if you tried to make it.



We'll talk about it more and go from there....

NubThePro's ban appeal 21 days ago